Collection: Bob the Dog’s Odour Busting Range

Bob is a mixed breed dog found abandoned. He is very underweight and currently has an infection in his eyes, areas of his skin and a severe infection in his mouth. After his infection is resolved and he has put on some weight, he will be needing dental treatment to repair some damage to his teeth and mouth. 
He is currently in foster care being looked after by my parents and is receiving regular veterinary care. 
Due to the overwhelming demand on animal rescues resulting in limited funding for them, we are hoping to raise funds for Bob’s recovery ourselves. 
We have renamed our “pet odour buster box” and it is now called “Bob’s Odour Buster Box.”

This is inspired by the very stinky condition Bob was in when he arrived at his new foster home and the urgent need for something to help with his strong “aroma!”

Until his wounds have healed and his body temperature increases, we are avoiding bathing him as he is very sensitive, sore and he can’t warm himself up yet. For now his foster mum is  freshening his sleeping areas with our “Pet Bedding Spray” and using our “Fabric, Mattress and Carpet Freshener” on the carpet in her home. She also pops a “Scented Vacuum Cleaner Disc” in the hoover to leave a fresh scent and get rid of the “doggy” smell!! 
Finally to help eliminate the (doggy fart!!) smell, which is pretty overpowering when a dog hasn’t eaten very well for a while and finally gets some good food into them…his foster mum is using our cute paw shaped wax melts. These are “inspired by Zoflora Mountain Air.” Ultra fresh and odour eliminating!!

Bob’s range is available in 3 sizes.

BASIC-2 large packs of wax melts and a pack of scented vacuum cleaner discs

BETTER- basic PLUS a bottle of pet bedding spray

BEST- everything in the “Better” box PLUS a bottle of Carpet, Fabric and Mattress Deodoriser