This is me!

This is me!

Hi everyone 

I’m Smelly Nelly! The name originates from when my little brother used to call me Nelly when we were kids. This then became smelly nelly and when I decided to start my wax melt business, the name was resurrected and Smelly Nelly’s Scents was born!

I’m a mum to 3 kids and making my wax melts was a welcome escape from all the madness every day while they were at school. It has now become a family enterprise with the kids helping, husband doing the odd delivery and even my mum who assembles the gift boxes!!

I love to lose myself in the fragrances as I’m blending and if you asked me what my favourite is, I genuinely couldn’t tell you. Depending on my mood I love a different one every day maybe even more often! 
Feel free to contact with any questions or suggestions!  

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